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The Philadelphia Reds program specializes in the development of young men. We provide an atmosphere in which our members will receive the greatest opportunity to achieve their potential. Our staff will make every effort to provide the resources necessary to realize both team and individual goals. Our program is based on young men with a strong work ethic and exceptional character. Every member of our program is expected to place a high priority on academic, as well as athletic achievement.

The most significant reward of our program is that of opportunity. The opportunity, not only to play baseball, but to acquire all of the fundamentals and skills necessary for success, both on and off the field. Our program endeavors to teach problem solving skills in baseball that can be directly applied to the challenges that one will face in the classroom and in life. In general, characteristics such as responsibility, discipline, preparation and teamwork, when utilized beneficially in baseball, will foster the same benefits in the classroom. This proficiency at problem solving in a variety of areas will make one not only more qualified, but also more competitive in an interview, and more employable in industry. We provide a roadmap and an environment for serious young men who are passionate about baseball and who want to reach their full potential.

Approximately five hundred thousand young men play high school baseball each year. Of these, approximately two percent, ten thousand, will play Division 1 baseball. Approximately eleven percent, fifty-five thousand, will play baseball at any level. It is our fervent endeavor that each one of our players has the opportunity to continue his baseball career at the collegiate level should he have the desire to do so. To that end, our program stresses the importance of consistent hard work and is for highly motivated young men who possess the desire to excel in the classroom and in the athletic arena.


Ourย Programs

Our Elite Baseball Development & Training Program incorporates all of the following

-Training programs with the primary emphasis being placed on injury prevention

-Hitting Instruction with an emphasis on increasing bat speed, consistency & power

-Pitching instruction based around solid principles designed to eliminate elbow and shoulder injuries while increasing velocity and command

-Defensive work focusing on all the fundamental and developmental aspects of each position specific to the individual player

-Extensive Video analysis with the capability of capturing and demonstrating each playerโ€™s strong points as well as weaknesses

-Strength, conditioning, agility, flexibility and speed training

-Specialized and versatile equipment

-A great environment, a family atmosphere and a positive approach.


Ourย Belief & Approach

The Philadelphia Reds is a College Development Program. We provide student-athletes who aspire to play collegiate baseball with the opportunities for development and exposure to reach their goals. We do this by providing devoted instructors and competing against outstanding competition. The program is integrally involved in the recruiting process, guidance and school placement with players and their families.

We seek highly motivated young men of strong character and work ethic who are serious students striving to excel in the classroom as well as in the athletic arena. Together, our staff evaluates and selects players to the program. We do not hold or conduct tryouts. We add new players each year to a solid core of returning players.

Our players are encouraged to prepare most diligently in practice and to hold themselves to a higher standard of excellence both on and off the ๏ฌeld. They are successful because of the ways in which they conduct themselves.

Our commitment is to advance the development of our players each year by building on the experiences, skill development and principles from the previous year. To this end, few programs commit a higher portion of their operating budget on the development of their young men than The Philadelphia Reds.


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Philadelphia Reds Baseball

250 King Manor Drive, Suite 200

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406

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Philadelphia Reds Baseball, Inc.

1000 South Valley Forge Road

P.O. Box 1701, Southeasten, Pennsylvania 19399

  • 610-731-7196



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