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Highlight art seeks to create a new approach to art that transcends traditional and modern art. Our goal is to integrate self-expression alongside innovational projects to improve overall life style. We aim for art education that communicates emotional development and quality of life through self-expression.

We aim to build confidence in our community, while raising individual skill and providing a High quality education.



Based on the idea of creation, we are orienting students toward the future, and actively guiding students to correct imbalances in society, school, and home through art. Art education extends childrenโ€™s expression to develop one-of-a-kind artwork. 

Highlight Art after school program

We always pursue creative arts in different direction. We provide each child the opportunity to focus on more creative and fun programs. Actively assist with stress relief after school.

Age 5 – 7 Art / Crafts / Painting / Drawing / Mindfulness
Age 7 – 9 Art / Crafts / Painting / Drawing / Printmaking / Mindfulness
Age 9 – 12 Art / crafts/ Painting / Drawing / Basic Drawing course


Highlight Artโ€™s adult education classes provide healing from the dayโ€™s stress. It is a place where you can find camaraderie in shared interests and learning. Classes are offered for artists at every stage, from the novice to the advanced. I believe creativity has the power to heal, change, and awaken the depths of life. All levels and experiences welcome!


The emphasis of the Traditional Drawing and Painting class will be learning to draw and painting through the exploration of basic classical technique. This includes concepts such as line, shape, proportion, Value from etc. Student will work in pencil, charcoal, pastels, oil, or acrylics and water color. You will be drawing and composing in tonal values as well as colors.


Figure drawing, also called Life drawing, is drawing the naked human form. Students will work directly with a live nude model. Students will focus on the human figure and form as well as study the โ€œrhythm and structureโ€ of the human body. Students will learn a variety of skills pertaining to the human body such as gesture, contour, drawing โ€ฆ etc ( All levels and experiences welcome)


Free form classes focus on a variety of engaging workshops rather than on specific classical techniques. The Group will gather and focus on small picture workshops, famous pop artist iconic pieces, self-expression workshops, collage workshops, etc.


Portfolio / illustration classes, Private Art Lessons (Age 12+) Private lessons available by request. Focus will be on creating an individual portfolio along with basic classical techniques in painting and drawing. Portfolios are not created in the short term. To start your own special work based on the basics. Artist will show special appearance and own creative world in work.

Hour / Direction

Highlight Art

762 E Main Street, Lansdale, PA 19446

Monday ~ Friday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM 

Saturday: Only for listed/appointment lesson

Sunday: Closed

Class Date/Time : Personalized Based on Request, Please contact us.
Call : (267) 241-6405
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