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Mission and Founding

flyGatewayโ€™s Founder, Regis de Ramel, has a mission to complete the aviation legacy his family started during World War I. His great-grand-uncle, Norman Prince (and later his great-grand father) learned to fly at the Wright brothersโ€™ school in Georgia and soloed in 1911. Norman soon went on to form an all-American volunteer squadron for France called the Lafayette Escadrille. This elite group of aviators are credited to be โ€œthe founding fathers of American combat aviation.โ€ These men flew missions flying directly into combat to protect France. This unit is credited as having instigated hundreds more to volunteer for France, and most importantly, their experience as early combat aviators directly aided new squadron mates with aerial combat, in the newly formed U.S. Army Air Service (f. January 1, 1918).

Today, de Ramel believes that service and availability of affordable education are vital to the aviation industry.

โ€œIf you can help yourself by helping others, thatโ€™s always a good thing. However education should never be tied profit. That means we needed to start a not-for-profit school that would help deliver the best commercial pilot program for the Philadelphia metropolitan market.โ€

de Ramel started working as the mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Director for Cirrus Aircraft in 2003. This spurred the thought that private aviation could be more affordable, and not simply just a hobby. โ€œFlying over the top of stratus clouds in a Cirrus, enjoying the sunshine over white wispy clouds while everyone below was stuck in the overcast gloom, made me realize how pleasant traveling by air could be โ€“ so why not make this more available to more?โ€ In order to accomplish that vision, flyADVANCED needed a training academy to help fill the growing gap of pilots.

Putting thought into action, de Ramel helped acquire Gateway Aviation out of Queen City Airport in Allentown, PA in early 2018, and converted it to a Not-for-Profit entity. flyGATEWAY soon then launched two more locations in New Castle, DE and Blue Bell, PA, forming what has now become the largest regional Part 141 flight academy in our area.

Now we can not only spark an interest outside of a traditional (and expensive) 4 year college degree, but we can take students to the next level and allow them to get well paying jobs with the airlines and corporate aviation.

flyGATEWAY is about furthering the legacy his family started by making a calling in aviation possible for all people, purely through service.


Airline and Professional Private Flying

Becoming a Commercial Pilot unlocks endless opportunities in the Aviation world. This program is for those that want to become an airline pilot for passenger or cargo, a charter pilot providing multifaceted transport services, or a corporate pilot flying for a large multinational corporation. With the current pilot shortage, a little hard work can get you wherever you please in the industry. Now is the time for you to become a pilot and seize your dream! flyGATEWAY provides a combination of the following certifications to give you everything you need for a career as a professional pilot โ€“ the Private, Instrument, and Commercial Single and Multiengine Land. Our curriculum contains everything essential to successfully obtain your Commercial Pilot Certificate with flight ratings for Instrument and Multiengine. Through a combination of simulator, flight, and ground lessons, your instructors will provide you with tools to pass exams and develop fundamental knowledge that you will utilize throughout your career.

Obtaining a Commercial License for someone with no flight experience consists of the following licenses and ratings:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial License; Single Engine (CSEL) and/or Multi Engine CMEL)
  • Optional: Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Optional: Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Optional: Certified Flight Instructor โ€“ Instrument (CFI-I)
  • Optional: Multi-Engine Instructor – (MEI)


Recreational Flight Ratings

Earning your pilot certificate is a truly incredible achievement! It affords you the ability to travel anywhere you choose with the freedom to pick up and go on your schedule. In addition to the personal fulfillment you’re sure to experience while flying, you will be joining an elite group of individuals with a rather exceptional skill.

Locations in New Castle, Allentown, and Blue Bell

We are the East Coastโ€™s premier choice flight academy, surrounding the heart of commercial Philadelphia. flyGATEWAYโ€™s three convenient locations in New Castle, Allentown, and Blue Bell give you easy access to the coast, city, and countryside. The diverse airspace classes you will fly through, and the incredible views from above are unmatched. Give us a call or an e-mail today to set up a tour.


Private pilot training with flyGATEWAY is carefully designed to be respective of both time and budget. Working together in a classroom environment for ground school, and then individually with instructors for both simulator and flight lessons helps you develop collective learning with your classmates and gives you the opportunity to ask the important questions in a deeper classroom setting. You also know what to expect each day of training and will be well equipped ahead of time.


The IFR flight rating will enable you to fly the aircraft with little to no visibility, which is an airline industry standard. You will learn to correctly perform holding patterns and accurate instrument approaches using full and partial panel techniques. You will practice IFR cross-country procedures and master navigational systems. The modern features in the Cirrus aircraft including; Multiple Moving Map Displays, Terrain and Traffic Warning Systems and XM weather will put you ahead of the curve. After earning your IFR Certificate, you will have the skill to fly in clear or cloudy skies. You will also be eligible to then train for your Commercial Pilotโ€™s Certificate.

KLOM Wings Field Airport

Phone: (877) 359-4899

Address: 1501 Narcissa Rd, Blue Bell, PA 19422

KILG New Castle Airport

Phone: (877) 359-4899

Address: 131 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720

KXLL Queen City Airport

Phone: (877) 359-4899

Address: 1730 Vultee St, Allentown, PA 18103 

At flyGATEWAY, our mission is to provide top-notch, personalized flight training. We offer a fleet of high-quality aircraft and an online curriculum so you can quickly get to your ultimate destination. This level of standardization ensures higher student outcomes and constant communication of progress between student and instructor. This is a Not-for-Profit flight academy, which means that quality education is not only accessible for you, but our highest priority.

Email: info@flygateway.org

Phone: (877) FLY-G8WY

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