Busking painting.


“If you practice 100% then your stage performance will be 80%.
 You need to practice 120% for your performance to be 100%.” 
– Joshua T. Kim


Joshua Taehoon Kim, (Founder of TAF JK Group, Inc) graduated from Rowan University with a degree in Music Composition and Economics. He studied classical music under the guidance of Dr. Oliver, known for his technique in contemporary music in his days. Motivated by his passion for music, he has been periodically practicing playing classical guitar and providing lessons for younger generations. He plans to continue his passion for music through actively dedicating his time to composing music. In addition to his degree, he also received his MBA degree at (Easton University, 2011). Joshua is currently the Founder of TAF JK Group, Inc a digital marketing agency.


Music is a universal language to communicate with others. 
If you have any inquiries regarding music, please refer 
to the contact info below!


3309 Dekalb Pike 
East Norriton, PA 19401

JK Composer 
Joshua Taehoon Kim

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